The Tomb of Niankhpepi



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The Curse/Warning

The sole confidant, the Ritualist, the Nobleman of the King. Niankhpepi he says:

"As to anyone who will do anything evil to this Tomb of the Necropolis, who will remove a stone from its place (the sarcophagus lid) I will be judged with him in his august and excellent Council of the great God of the West. I will seize his backbone like a bird, the fear of me shall be put into him in order that those who are living may see and will be afraid of the excellent spirits; I am an excellent spirit; not any secret magic formula was hidden from me, for I am a clever ritualist and a learned man."

Sadly for Niankhpepi, all was to no avail. The tomb was violated soon after burial. Only his disturbed skeleton and headrest and the remains of a blue and yellow faience necklace remained, guarded by four seated statuettes of the incumbent inscribed with the burial ritual. The robbers had entered the burial chamber via a neighbouring shaft in the north western corner. The tomb, which is one of my favourite haunts, is on the north side of Unas Causeway, close to the Tombs of Iyenhor and Niankhba. The hieroglyphs are of exceptional quality considering their locality. If you visit this 6th Dynasty Tomb, make sure you read the offering ritual to keep Niankhpepi's spirit happy - I always do.


Mastabas of Ny-ankh-pepi & Others
Excavations at Saqqara 1937-1938 Volume II
Prof Dr Selim Hassan PhD (Vienna)


Niankhpepi - The curse inscription

The curse inscription
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