The Temple of Ramases II at Abydos



Meat Offerings, Ribs, Oxen & Gazelle, Seti I for his temple at Abydos

The spirits of Pe & Neknen. The Sacred Barque on a sledge being towed

Relief inscription for Ramases' father, Seti I

May Ramases, the King of Upper & Lower Egypt, live forever


In 1991 I set myself the goal of visiting the Temple of Ramases II.

The offering scenes were stunning and well worth the journey. I became friends with Shawfik, the tomb guardian. He informed me that he was the only Coptic tomb guardian in Upper Egypt. A very proud individual, who sported a Coptic cross upon his wrist. He was such a unique character that I felt loathe to leave the site.

I took over one hundred slides at the Temple, six of which are shown here.

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  Ritual offerings Temple of Ramases II - Offering bearers
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